Oct 31, 2020 Things for swimming

Top 1:

Intex Seahawk 3-Person Inflatable Boat

fishing boat logo
fishing boat logo

The Intex Seahawk 3-Person Inflatable Boat has 3 air chambers plus an inner auxiliary chamber inside the main hull for added safety. Quick-fill, fast deflate Boston valve on the main hull chamber. Comes with a quick-fill hand pump. Also includes 1 gear pouch, 2 fishing rod holders, grab handle on bow, and welded oarlocks. May hold 3 people but really good for one or two people. Dimensions: 116 L x 54 W x 17″ H (294.6 x 137 x 43 cm). A great little inflatable boat that is easy to set-up and uses and is a good little boat for fishing or pleasure trips. We didn’t include the rope that goes around the boat and the small storage pouch because I didn’t need it. The Intex Seahawk 3 is available in Canada at Canadian Tire for about $129.The boat would be a nice addition to your camping supplies.

Top 2:

Intex Excursion 5 Inflatable Raft

boat logo
boat logo

This boat is equipped with very long 54-inch oars which are great for moving the boat size around comfortable paddle locks make it easier to

 grow in this the boat they offer is 3 to 4 feet travel and you can get power from the front or the back of the boat, or both, if you buy another set of blades when you finished rowing, you can pack them convenient on the side of the road there is room for 4 blades, 2 on each boat side of this boat 3 removable seats and these 2 at the end have a very comfortable back, these clips here on the back of the back connect here in the boat to the seats will not slide or move over you new tour 5 is one of the most durable and ever made in Texas it is made with 30 puncture resistance measure the vinyl how the boat is designed consists of three separate chambers, one in floor and two here on the sides and if one of them starts to lose the air you then two others let you safely reach the shore, we have Tour 5 is here so you

I see how big he really is, it’s twelve one and a half feet long and five and a half feet wide this is a really very large bow very spacious and comfortable for living I want to show you the foundation the boat has been designed for smooth sailing through the water, it was done from 30 Calibration vinyl, it is very puncture resistant strong, it is designed to really a lot of time excursion 5 is one of the best inflatable fishing boats there like plenty of floor space, it can hold five fishermen and four built-in fishing rod holders other the reason this boat is so good for fishing this is a motor mount kit containing 1.5 powerful motor that is comfortable attaches to the back of the boat this the boat comes with a large double fast special high-performance air pump about this pump it supplies air to the boat and you get out and when you push, which means you can fill each chamber by about 60 seconds it was a closer look at tour 5 from Intex the back is made of excellent material the rest is very comfortable, you can spend a lot of time in this boat and still enjoy.

Top 3:

The New Intex Explorer K2 Two-Man Kayak

image boats
image boats

Inflatable kayaks have a higher profile on the sides so you sit higher out of the water also have a curved front and back. allows for more rough waters and traffic through rough water he also has this covering here in front, which does not only strengthen it from failures but also prevents water from entering the boat and she shoots to the side paddles that come with the Explorer They are very long, 84 inches long and they are made of aluminum they have these soft handles so when your hands will feel convenient when you go to your place sits high enough above the boat to when you paddle, don’t hook on anything and allow very smooth ride nice to have a higher the backrest allows you to sit while you row or fish, and this just makes the ride more comfortable the seats are fastened with Velcro the bottom and have these buckles that adjustable on the sides here lets you lean back if you want and adjust to how vertical you want sit is great if you are going by in a kayak all day at the bottom kayak Explorer k2 is designed for help the kayak move quickly and smoothly through the water, he comes with it the removable cape that slides here on at the bottom it allows you to move in a straight line when you row it suggests greater balance, this is a great function for those who fish or just want slower here in the front seat you have a little more legroom there is still a high back that really nice to have both before and the back seat is very comfortable and it has enough room for two people this kayak has less in the back seat legroom but there is more storage space space back here explorer k2 is very large kayak and there are many space for a fridge or fishing tackle box you can store some items here behind this is the back seat and you can store as well some small items there in front of the boat on which I have a kayak stopped its end is here, as you can see, just to show how big are you about three feet wide and a little over ten feet high this kayak goes high output air pump double fast is means that when you pull out and pushing it’s still putting air into the boat so it allows you to fill it up very quickly there are three separate chambers in this kayak one on the bottom and one on each side this allows for if one of them starts to lose the air you can paddle safely to shore again it is made with a very tough vinyl material that will take a lot of beating and is puncture resistant it’s a very great boat very durable and is designed to last a really long time as you’ve seen for yourself the Explorer k2 kayak by Intex is a great kayak there’s a lot of great features on it it’s very large.


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